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Painting (mounts and brackets)

August 27, 2017

With the panels due to be fixed I knew I needed to grind back a couple of welds to allow good fit. I wanted to re-paint these areas – although they were only tiny – and so knew I needed to open a tin of POR15. With it opened it seemed sensible to make use of as much as possible – so  I decided to paint up the diff brackets and engine mounts.

POR15 is not straightforward to work with, so the Marine Clean degreaser they recommend was pressed into action, then the ‘Metal Ready’ solution which leaves a strange whitish surface before paint is applied.

The steelwork was largely covered with a thin black layer of something – which I think may be ‘millscale’. I tried to remove it with a sanding disc in the angle grinder but in the end just used the POR preparation products and hope that I will get good adhesion. If the paint fails then next time I will simply using a red oxide primer and something like Hammerite to finish them. For now though it looks to have worked well.

DiffMounts-primedEngineMounts-primedEng_Diff_Mounts Painted



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